Quel est le meilleur shampoing solide pour mes cheveux?

What is the best solid shampoo for my hair?

What is the best solid shampoo?

Who says soft and silky hair, says shampoo! The only reason we use shampoo is to clean our hair, removing oily buildup and debris, such as dust or dead skin.

Since the industrialization of shampoo by Kasey Hebert in the 19th century , this cosmetic has mainly been sold in liquid form in a container which was initially made of glass, then plastic.

For several years, we have found shampoo in a solid form, often molded into a puck, but what are its advantages over the liquid version and how can we choose the one that is suitable for our hair?


What is a solid shampoo ?

The typical liquid shampoo is made up of several ingredients: detergents to clean the hair, plenty of water for its fluidity, preservatives, thickeners, opacifiers for its creamy texture, dyes and perfumes.

The solid shampoo has only 4 ingredients.

The first is a surfactant , which is a cleaning and foaming agent. It is this compound that can bind to the oil in the hair and take it with it when washing and rinsing. The most used are sodium coco sulfate (SCS) and sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI).

Subsequently, there is oil or vegetable butters . This category of ingredients is used for its nourishing properties: they provide fatty acids and vitamins to the scalp.

The third ingredient used is mineral and/or vegetable powder. Depending on the type of powder, this will provide different benefits: hydration, detangling power, reduction of dandruff, etc.

For the same reasons, some companies add essential oils as a last ingredient for their benefits for hair. For example, ylang ylang oil adds shine to hair.

Solid shampoo

Benefits of solid shampoo

One of the advantages of solid shampoo is that it does not contain water. This allows it to have a more compact format for the same effectiveness as its liquid cousin. It is therefore easier to bring in your luggage and there is no risk of damage to your luggage.

Another advantage of its format is that its transport is more ecological. It is less heavy and takes up less space; it therefore requires less fuel for its delivery.

Also, for the vast majority of solid versions, they do not contain chemicals such as emulsifiers or preservatives. To ensure that your shampoo bar does not contain them, do not hesitate to request the list of ingredients and ask questions when shopping.

To be even more respectful of the environment, choose a shampoo without packaging and opt for a transport container made from reusable, recyclable or compostable materials.

How to choose the right shampoo bar?

As there are different skin types, some people have oily hair and others have dry and brittle hair. In order to wash your hair properly without damaging it, it is important to choose the right shampoo.

Dry hair
For this type of hair, it is important to choose a shampoo enriched with butter or vegetable oils. Coconut, shea, castor, avocado oil and argan oil are interesting options.

White clay is also recommended for dry hair for its mineralizing capabilities.

Oily hair
This type of hair is characterized by excess sebum. To clean it properly, you should favor shampoos containing clay powder, such as ghassoul or green clay, and essential oils such as citrus fruits.

Fine hair
Fine hair can easily become weighed down by the products used to style it. For him, you should avoid shampoos with a lot of fatty substances such as shea butter or coconut oil.

If you have fine hair and are looking to add volume to it, look for a shampoo that contains clay

Irritated scalp
To avoid increasing irritation, you should choose a shampoo containing gentle ingredients such as marshmallow powder or ghassoul clay.

Also look for a shampoo containing lavender or chamomile essential oil, as they have calming properties.


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How to use solid shampoo?

The use of solid shampoo is similar to that of the liquid version. In fact, all you have to do is rub the washer between your wet hands to make it lather, then place the foam on the damp scalp and hair.

It is also possible to rub the washer directly on wet hair.

When the hair is completely soaped, all that remains is to rinse it to remove soap residue.

For those who are used to using a conditioner afterwards, know that this product also has a solid version! Also easy to use, you have to slide the conditioner bar over the hair, but from mid-length to the ends.

With the solid shampoo and conditioner bar , your hair will be soft, clean and shiny naturally!

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