Our story

What if I told you that Eco Loco was born with a tadpole?

When I was a little girl, I used to go to a tiny pond, not to say a water hole, and I


used to watch the tadpoles that were there day after day, until they developed into frogs. I was literally fascinated by nature. A fascination that has never left me, quite the contrary!

By the time I was 13, I had found a dream job: working on the regeneration of the banks of municipal and provincial parks. In the woods, all the time! Supervised by a biologist, this first job was revealing: I discovered the beauty and complexity of the link between the forest, water and humans. An inseparable, intertwined and oh so important link.

Curious by nature, I wanted to know as much as possible about this link... but how complex it is! This love of the environment and this greedy curiosity were never fully satisfied. I threw myself wholeheartedly into outdoor activities, environmental, social and international projects while continuing my studies towards a PhD in environmental health.

During my studies, I took a break and I considered myself so privileged! I took advantage of this study break to work in Peru for almost a full year. My project was to set up a microcredit to promote women's leadership, female empowerment. Wow, I had some great reflections on cooperation and equity, two values ​​that I cherish.


Geneviève St-Amour Owner

I don't know about you, but for me, what propelled me further was the birth of my children. The arrival of my children really made it happen: what future could they have in a world where overconsumption is based on disposability, where our garbage dumps are full of single-use items? Whew! Scary questions...

But there is a follow-up to this.

Some would say that we were unlucky. Growing up, our children accumulated several diagnoses (about 15!) that were supposedly hereditary but for which we never found any trace in the family. Rest assured, although all of these have caused many challenges, taken separately, they are not severe and they do not seem to be related!

But my head was exploding with unanswered questions: How is this possible? Where did this come from? And yes, of course, I wondered what I had done personally that could have caused this... very uncomfortable question. Once the bad news digested, my university studies in environmental health led me to believe that there was a real link between these problems and today's environment.

Our actions are not fair for future generations. Current generations are also concerned.

And we went to live an extraordinary experience. An experience allowing us to step back, to live in harmony with the environment. We left everything behind to live on a sailboat for a whole school year. The family dream of a lifetime had taken shape. I'll let you dream about what it could mean! Great!

During this trip, based on my studies, my reflections and my family and personal experiences, I decided to use my knowledge for people like you, who want to progress in reducing their footprint.

But not just any old way. I wanted something concrete, accessible and applicable to everyday life.

Results: Eco Loco's outline

Support eco-family reconciliation at your own pace.
Help you make a reasonable effort with a wide variety of easy-to-use products (no need to add to the mental burden here!).
Reinventing everyday life by creating and offering products with a small ecological footprint, and encouraging responsible consumption.
Give tips, advice and offer products that are good for your health and good for the environment.
Provide an efficient, easy and quality shopping experience
We have something in common. We want to make progress in reducing our ecological footprint. We are aware that there is a real need to take better care of our planet, right?

We believe that a progression that is easily integrated into your daily life is a winner.

Another good news: Eco Loco does a lot of research to offer the best diversity of sustainable and good quality products.

Well, I'll stop here (when the green talk starts, I can't stop!)

And I'll let you go and have a look, at your own pace, at the multitude of alternatives to accompany you in your daily life.

Photo: Karine Grégoire

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