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Comment choisir des produits de nettoyage écologiques?

How to choose eco-friendly cleaning products

Choosing eco-friendly cleaning products can be a challenge, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! With a touch of humor, let's explore how to select these products while preserving our planet.

Le bicarbonate de soude, votre allié!

Baking soda, your ally!

If there's one product whose value is priceless, it's baking soda. As we all have this product on hand in our kitchen cabinet, we're going to demonstrate its versatility.

diminuer la pollution numérique

How to reduce digital pollution?

In this article, we propose a few simple steps you can take to reduce your impact on the digital environment, also known as digital pollution.

entretien produit hygiénique lavable

Care of reusable hygiene products

The cleaning of washable hygiene products worries many consumers who are undertaking a change in their consumption habits. They often wonder if it's complicated, time-consuming or even disgusting.

Quel est le meilleur shampoing solide pour mes cheveux?

What is the best solid shampoo for my hair?

What are the advantages of solid shampoo, and how do we choose the right one for our hair? Find all the answers to your questions!

À quoi servent les balles de séchage?

What are dryer balls used for?

The arrival of cold weather often means the return of using the dryer for the majority of households in Quebec. Despite its ease of use, the dryer is not without...

Comment utiliser son cake vaisselle ?

How to use your dish cake?

What? A dish cake ? Not sure what we mean by “cake dishes”? Most people use liquid dishwashing detergents, sponges, brushes or dishwashers to clean their kitchen utensils: Not a...

Notre politique d'approvisionnement:  éthique et écologique

Our sourcing policy: ethical and ecological

It regularly happens, and it is completely representative of your ethical and ecological concerns, that we are asked questions about the origin of our products. Our procurement policy includes clear...

empreinte écologique de notre assiette

Reducing our ecological footprint on our plates (4/4)

The last 3 articles on food and the ecological footprint lead us to this one! There are different methods of above-ground production (example: greenhouse and hydroponics), organic or not, and...

Empreinte écologique de notre assiette

Reducing our ecological footprint on our plates (3/4)

After having addressed food waste and meat consumption, the origin of food in calculating the ecological footprint of our plate is self-evident. Some figures on food imports According to the...

empreinte écologique de notre assiette

The ecological footprint of our plate 2/4

In our first article, we discussed how avoiding food waste reduces our ecological footprint. In that same article, we stated that food is an important part of our consumption and...

Réduire notre empreinte écologique dans notre assiette (1/4)

Reducing our ecological footprint on our plates (1/4)

  We cannot miss it, a large part of what we consume is linked to our diet. This is obviously an essential need, we cannot avoid it. You will agree,...

Camping écoresponsable

Eco-responsible camping

Vacation time is coming and camping is the choice that many people make to have a great time. Many people believe that camping and eco-responsibility are closely linked. It is...

impact écologique empreinte

What is the ecological footprint?

    This is a concept which is at the heart of Eco Loco's concerns and which must be understood by everyone: the ecological footprint. Whether we talk about a...

Les abeilles : aussi vitales que l'eau

Bees: as vital as water

      In our story , it is stated that Eco Loco was born from a tadpole. It could also have been true to say that it was born...

Une planète qui suffit de moins en moins

A planet that is less and less enough

  The least we can say is that we are receiving some tough environmental news. Although cries of alarm from scientists and activists have been ringing out for decades, it...