How to make a low ecological footprint luggage?

Summer is vacation time for many of us, and vacation means packing a luggage. In this article, we're going to give you a few tips on how to make your luggage more eco-friendly and even more practical! Just like our everyday lives, vacations have to take into consideration our ecological footprint.

Before talking about the contents, let's talk about the container! For the vast majority of us, our luggage is used once a year or less. If you don't have a luggage, before buying one, borrowing it from a friend or family member could be a wise choice. Another option is to buy a used one. Finally, if you must buy a new one, think about its life cycle and ask yourself the following questions: Will it last? Can it be repaired if necessary? Can it be partially or totally recycled at the end of its life?

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The first category of items we place in our luggage is undoubtedly clothing. To help you choose eco-friendly and responsible clothing, we invite you to read the various articles we've written on this subject in recent years on our blog. But in the best of all possible worlds, for a zero ecological footprint, we use the clothes we already have!

Indispensable and practical, the reusable carry bag can be used on many occasions during your vacation. Being waterproof, it's perfect for carrying wet bathing suits and dirty diapers. You can also use it for your dirty clothes instead of the single-use plastic bag.

Skin care
In anticipation of fine weather, sunscreen is essential to protect your skin. Choose a liquid or solid mineral sunscreen that offers physical protection against UVA and UVB rays.

For your shower products, opt for a bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner. If you have to shave while traveling, bring your own solid shaving cream and reusable razor.

Another eco-friendly product to bring along is deodorant. Depending on your preference, you can choose alum stone or a natural stick version.

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Tooth care
Dental health never takes a vacation, so we have to pack everything we need to brush our teeth. When it comes to toothbrushes, you can opt for wooden brushes with compostable handles, or toothbrushes made from recycled plastic. Some models even offer replaceable heads to reduce the ecological footprint of this everyday object.

Practical, lightweight and compact, toothpaste tablets are perfect for the ecological suitcase. Mouthwash also comes in tablet form, so you can keep your breath fresh without generating waste, as the sachet is compostable.

Finally, for dental floss, select a reusable container and a floss that is biodegradable.

Other eco-friendly essentials
To pack your shower or teeth care products in your suitcase, consider using a waterproof multi-purpose bag or a waterproof silicone bag. This will avoid the little messes that sometimes occur with our products in transit.

Snack bags are another must-have in your suitcase. Perfect for lugging a snack between museum visits or during discovery walks.

To quench your thirst, remember to include a reusable water bottle in your luggage or travel bag. It'll save you having to buy single-use bottles, and it'll save you money. If space is an issue for you, there are foldable water bottles!

The last item not to be forgotten is a reusable shopping bag. You can easily get a compact version that takes up little space in your handbag, or can be attached to it.

Finally, to make sure you come back with a suitcase that's as eco-friendly as when you left, remember to choose eco-friendly, long-lasting souvenirs. Encourage local artisans and avoid tourist souvenir stores.

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