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We have a big ecological concern and all of our products are chosen with care, from both eco-friendly and ethical values.

Without being comlete, here are the products that you could include in your store.

Dental floss

Reusable container and compostable dental floss. Refills available.
Reusable stainless steel straw


Fil dentaire compostable
Reusable stainless steel straw

In bulk or in bundles. Brushes available.

Produce bags

GOTS certified. 2 sizes available.

sac à légumes réutilisables GOTS

GOTS certified dry bulk bags

GOTS certified. 3 sizes available.

Sac à vrac certifié gots.

Lunch bag

In trio or duo. Made of recycled plastic bottles.

sac à lunch réutilisables

Vegetable storage bag

Made of organic cotton, keeps vegetables crisp for up to 2 weeks.

Sac de conservation de légumes

Swedish cloth

Comes from FSC certified forests. Water-based ink

Chiffon suédois, remplacer les essuie-tout

Scrubbing pads

Made of walnut shells. In bulk or in trio.

éponge à récurer compostable


Luffa vegetable sponge

All-natural plant-based sponge

Washable sanitary pads

Duo carry pouch, pantiliner, regular and maxi-night washable sanitary pads designed with a waterproof surface of RecycPul (recycled plastic bottles) and organic cotton without dyes made in Montreal.

serviette hygiénique lavable shl

Reusable Dish Covers

Trio of reusable bowls covers perfect for all your bowls from lasagna to dips! They are adjustable to the dishes size.

Lead-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free and formaldehyde-free, they can be used directly and safely with food.


Plastic-free shower puff

No more plastic shower puffs that release micro-particles into our precious water. A washable and reusable shower puff made of one of the softest fabrics.


Dish cake

Dishwashing cake or degreasing cake is a very efficient product not only for washing dishes but also for the shower, the sink, ... The cake comes in a ramekin and refills are available.


Cake making set for dishes

400 grams of products to make yourself at home that will give 2 or 3 cakes depending on the pots used.  Ultra efficient and ultra economical. 

Vegetable and dish brush

Compostable natural fiber dishcloth


Customization possible on some products.  

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