Our sourcing policy: ethical and ecological

ethical sourcing

It regularly happens, and it is completely representative of your ethical and ecological concerns, that we are asked questions about the origin of our products.

Our procurement policy includes clear guidelines and for the sake of transparency, we summarize them for you here.

Since its opening in 2017, Eco Loco has sold both Quebec creations, its own local creations and objects facilitating a waste-free lifestyle imported only when they are not available here.

The supply strategy is as follows: We first look at what is done here, then we evaluate the possibility of creating our own articles in order to better complete our offer and finally we look at what is being done elsewhere and which would be complementary to what we sell.

local products local purchasing

Eco Loco has more than 50 partners manufacturing locally. This represents approximately 70% of our offer.

Eco Loco is also the creation of 20 entirely local products. For textile creations, this goes from product development to marketing. This includes, in a world where it is easier and more economical to source from Asia, that the different fabrics are entirely manufactured and processed locally.

Eco Loco is also a partnership with 4 local manufacturers and among these one is a social economy company in work integration. We are talking here about textile factories and a sewing center.

Eco Loco also works with around ten local specialists in graphics, marketing, web development, printing, packaging, etc.

local products local purchasing

The website is presented with transparency so that you can make an informed choice. In the description of each product, the name of the manufacturer is clearly identified. Quebec manufacturers are therefore easily identifiable.

Then, we implemented a system of icons so that certain attributes of the different products are easily recognizable. One of these icons represents local manufacturing: Made in Quebec. Not only is this icon found in the product description if this is the case but you can also have access (by clicking on the icon in question) to all the products manufactured here in a single click.

made in Quebec

For textile products, when this is the case, the product description specifies that it was knitted in Quebec. This is still a rarity and we would like to highlight it.

The reasons that push us to have a great local offer are multiple. First, in line with its ecological and ethical values, it goes without saying that the products manufactured here require less transport (carbon impact) and that we are certain that the working conditions are adequate (fairness). Then, by promoting supply, design and local expertise Eco Loco increases its participatory role in the local economy. Finally, most of Eco Loco's partner companies are predominantly female, both from the point of view of entrepreneurs and employees. Still underrepresented in the business world, this is of great importance to us.

We would love to have an offer of 100% products made here! However, we are a small community to meet our needs. For example, we do not have biodegradable dental floss made here, silicone and textile fibers are almost 100% imported materials, ... However, each of the items that we incorporate in our store are evaluated for their reduction in an ecological footprint and we ensure, to the best of our knowledge, that we do business with ethical suppliers.

Ecologically yours

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