Massage candle

2 in 1: massage and ambiance

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A naturel candle that gives a massage butter!

Candle, massage butter and ambiance all in one. 100% plant-based butter

Made with essential oils.

Vegan and cruelty free

Intimate evenings for lovers are embellished with sensual and whimsical massages. Also, the ladies appreciate it when, after the bath, they spread it on their knees, elbows and heels. In winter, they help hands damaged by the cold by leaving a silky texture on the skin for long hours. Some people love it, as it soothes the irritation of their very sensitive skin.

Use: Turn on and let it melt for about 15 minutes, depending on whether you are using it for a small part of the body or a full body massage. Turn off and soak your fingers in it and simply spread on the skin like a massage oil.

**Between uses, cut off the end of the wick to ensure a clean oil. The wick holder is glued with wax and not glue, which would be harmful to the skin, so when the candle is almost finished, please pay special attention to keep the wick in the middle.

Composition: GMO-free soy wax, organic and fair trade coconut butter, avocado oil and essential oils.

100 ml.

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