Comment utiliser son cake vaisselle ?

How to use your dish cake?

dish cake

What? A dish cake ?

Not sure what we mean by “cake dishes”?

Most people use liquid dishwashing detergents, sponges, brushes or dishwashers to clean their kitchen utensils: Not a cakewalk!

Obviously, we're not talking about washing the dishes with a cake. If it is a solid dish soap . And even more, an ultra-effective solid all-purpose degreaser !


cake dishes


Ecological advantages of solid dish soap

Reduction of plastic

The number of plastic bottles of single-use liquid dish soap a family uses varies depending on consumption habits. Although plastic bottles used for dish soap products can generally be recycled to reduce their impact on the environment, the fact remains that their useful life is very short and they can easily be avoided .

So solid dish soaps do not require plastic packaging or plastic bottles, which significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste generated. This contributes to the preservation of the environment by reducing plastic pollution and the consumption of natural resources.

We are talking here about 4 to 6 plastic bottles per year for a family of 4

Natural and biodegradable composition

Our dish cakes are made from natural ingredients and avoid the use of harmful chemical additives, colorings and perfumes. They are biodegradable, making them more environmentally friendly than some liquid dish soaps.

Transportation and storage

Even the environmental balance between bulk liquid soap and dish cakes favors the latter . For what? Because liquid soap contains more or less 80-90% water, it takes up a lot of storage space and is expensive (in terms of carbon footprint) to transport to points of sale. While the cake is compact and light, it takes up little space... We don't transport or store water!

Solid dish soaps are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, making them convenient for use while traveling or camping. They also take up less space when stored at home.

ultra effective solid all-purpose degreaser!

Economic advantages of solid dish soap

Solid dish soaps tend to last longer than liquids because they don't disperse as easily. A small amount of solid soap can therefore last longer, saving money in the long run.

In addition to being able to obtain them in a reusable container, you can also obtain them without a container (refill) or make them from our tableware cake making set which will be even more economical for you.

To use a solid dish soap, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your sink by putting the stopper in it so that you don't lose your rinse water.
  2. Place dishes that require a little soaking at the bottom of your sink.
  3. Wet your sponge , dish brush , or other cleaning utensils you usually use.
  4. Rub your sponge or brush over the solid dish soap to make it lather.
  5. Start washing your dishes by scrubbing the surface of each item to remove food residue and dirt. Make sure to cover all areas and scrub well.
  6. Rinse your washed dishes above those that need to soak.
  7. Continue using your brush or similar until the soap is gone.
  8. If necessary, rinse your sponge or brush to remove accumulated residue.
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 as necessary and finish with the dishes that have soaked in your rinse water.
  10. Dry the dishes with a clean cloth or let them air dry.


cake dishes


It's simple, economical and ecological!

But that's not all.

Your dish soap is also an outstanding degreaser. It is multi-use and you can also use it for multiple purposes such as:

  • Remove a greasy stain from fabric
  • Wash the bath and shower
  • Wash the tops of cabinets or the annoying grease that tends to accumulate
  • Wash the refrigerator inside and out
  • Degrease your hob
  • Wash your backsplash
  • ...

Ecologically yours

eco loco




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