savon LOOP biodégradable

LOOP natural zero-waste food soaps

Perfectly imperfect fruits and vegetables

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A zero-waste soap that smells like heaven!

Bravo, bravo, bravo! An entirely natural and effective soap made from the recovery of organic sunflower oil thrown by a vegan restaurant chain and the addition of perfectly imperfect fruits.

You think it's strange? It cleans seriously well and smells unbelievably good!

Loop comes to the rescue of unloved ones of the food industry.

100 grams


Grapefruit and ginger: Oils (enhanced sunflower, organic coconut), grapefruit juice, sodium hydroxide, water, beeswax, ginger juice, essential oils of grapefruit, orange Petitgrain and ginger root, red and white pigments, rosemary extract.

Pineapple and activated charcoal: Oils (enhanced sunflower, organic coconut), pineapple juice, sodium hydroxide, water, beeswax, activated carbon, essential oils of basil, lemongrass and rosemary, rosemary extract.

Lime and cucumber: Oils (upgraded sunflower, organic coconut), cucumber juice, sodium hydroxide, water, beeswax, lime juice, lime essential oils, yellow, white, green and turquoise pigments, rosemary extract.

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