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Valentine's Day: When romance rhymes with ecology

Valentine's Day with ecology

We have seen it for the Christmas festivities, the holidays have a significant ecological impact! Regardless of your preferences or those of the person with whom you want to celebrate Valentine's Day, there are alternatives to enjoy this moment in a more ecological way. Whether you prefer to offer roses, chocolate or something else, here are some accessible and pleasant suggestions!

Do you want to give a gift?

Here are some ideas that will guide you in your desire to give a gift while doing better for your loved one and for the environment.

1- A plant rather than cut flowers

plant and not cut flower

Isn't it common for cut flowers to be given on Valentine's Day? They are beautiful and smell good! To keep these assets, you can offer a potted plant which will be in flower and which will be much more durable. It can be an indoor plant which will beautify the home and purify the air or an outdoor plant. Whether cut or potted flowers, promote local and organic crops!

And if we took it a little further: Why not offer a tree that can grow with your love? A beautiful, simple and original gesture!

2- A treat to enjoy.

The second most common gift is certainly chocolate! This food that many love. Certainly, the variety of chocolate on the market is impressive and it is better to invest a little more to have a quality one. It would also be better to offer a chocolate that will be both appreciated by the person who eats it and the person who grew it. In this sense, there are great quality, organic and fair trade alternatives!

3- Something to share

something to share

So here we preach for our parish! Why not get a massage candle that will allow you to share it once, twice, three times... and enjoy the present moment.

4- Reusable gifts

What if you gave a lasting gift? Sustainable for the person receiving it and sustainable for the environment. This can range from a beautiful reusable cup that the chosen person can use daily.

5- Organic and local cosmetics

It's a known fact that most beauty products on the market contain a bunch of chemicals. There are beautiful Quebec, Canadian, ecological alternatives made from natural and non-toxic substances. Read the labels!

6- An activity or service

A lesson, a massage, a cleaning lady, an outdoor outing, lark! Ideas are not lacking ! And the best part is that you can enjoy it together. Isn't that the main idea of ​​Valentine's Day, spending time together, celebrating the love between two people?

Do you want to create a romantic event?

Whether it is meals or sexual pleasure, there are a multitude of ecological avenues.

A local and organic meal

organic local meal

Everyone is delighted when a dish is cooked just for us! To increase the effect, the menu will be composed of local and organic foods and discoveries in this direction! It can also be washed down with beer and/or local and organic wine. For inspiration, you can consult the Aliments du Québec website, the Association des microbrasserie du Québec and consult the SAQ website .

An ecological romp!

And yes, everything goes when it comes to ecological thinking. Greenpeace has put together a guide on eco-sex. Unusual but why not! What is it about? Turn off the lights during lovemaking, take a shared shower rather than separately, avoid petroleum-based lubricants, avoid plastic-based sexual objects...

It is therefore possible to have a beautiful, ecological and romantic Valentine's Day by preparing a little! So what will be the avenue you choose?

Ecologically yours,

eco loco

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très sympa cet article, perso je choisirais soit la gourmandise soit le soin en institut mais pour moi toute seule après tout c’est aussi l’amour avec soi-même 😜

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