Valentine's Day: When romance rhymes with ecology

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Valentine's Day with ecology

As we've seen with the Christmas festivities, the holidays have a major ecological impact! Whatever your preferences, or those of the person you'd like to celebrate Valentine's Day with, there are alternatives for enjoying this moment in a more ecological way. Whether you prefer to give roses, chocolate or something else, here are a few affordable and enjoyable suggestions!

Would you like to give a gift?

Here are a few tips to help you give a gift that's better for your loved one and the environment.

1- A plant rather than cut flowers

 plant rather cut flowers

Cut flowers are a common Valentine's Day gift, aren't they? They look good and smell good! To keep these assets, you can give a potted plant that will bloom and last much longer. It could be an indoor plant to brighten up the home and purify the air, or an outdoor plant. Whether cut or potted, favor local, organic crops!

Let's take it a step further: why not give a tree that can grow with your love? A beautiful, simple and original gesture!

2- A treat to savour.

The second most common gift is chocolate! The food that many people love. Admittedly, the variety of chocolate on the market is impressive, and it's worth investing a little more to get a quality one. It's also worth offering a chocolate that will be appreciated by both the eater and the grower. In this respect, there are some great organic and fair-trade quality alternatives!

3- Something to share

something to share

So here we are preaching to the choir! Why not get yourself a massage candle so you can share it 1, 2, 3 times... and enjoy the moment.

4- Reusable gifts

How about a sustainable gift? Sustainable for the recipient and sustainable for the environment. This could be anything from a beautiful reusable mug that the recipient can use on a daily basis.

5- Organic and local cosmetics

It's a well-known fact that most beauty products on the market contain a bunch of chemicals. There are some great Quebec and Canadian alternatives that are eco-friendly and made from natural, non-toxic substances. Read the labels!

6- An activity or service

A lesson, a massage, a housekeeper, an outdoor outing, you name it! There's no shortage of ideas! And the best part is, you can enjoy it together. Isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about: spending time together, celebrating the love between two people?

Want to create a romantic event?

Whether it's a meal or sexual pleasure, there are plenty of eco-friendly options.

A local, organic meal

 local organic meal

We're all delighted when we get a dish cooked just for us! To increase the effect, the menu will be composed of local and organic foods and discoveries! It can also be washed down with local and organic beer and/or wine. For inspiration, check out the Aliments du Québec website, the Association des microbrasserie du Québec and the SAQ websit.

An ecological sex romp!

Yes, it's all about green thinking. Greenpeace has put together a guide to eco-sex. Unusual, but why not! What's it all about? Turning off the lights during lovemaking, showering together rather than separately, avoiding petroleum-based lubricants, avoiding plastic-based sex objects...

So it's possible to have a beautiful, ecological and romantic Valentine's Day with a little preparation! So which avenue will you choose?

Ecologically yours,

eco loco

  • anna on

    très sympa cet article, perso je choisirais soit la gourmandise soit le soin en institut mais pour moi toute seule après tout c’est aussi l’amour avec soi-même 😜

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