The immobility of those who know

acting for the environment

Be careful, this article is not scientific! It's more of a personal observation.

A deplorable observation of the inaction of those who know, of those who know the impact of their behavior on the environment, of the need for a healthy environment. This article is an outlet resulting from 25 years of observation of all kinds on the environment and society. It's guilt-inducing as hell if that's the way you choose to read it. It can also be a kick in the butt to move into a more ecological mode. This is actually our biggest wish.

Government and business have the power

ecology government and business

It seems that government, business and commerce are the ecological doom for some. This may be true in some cases, but the majority of the time, the fate of our planet is in each of our hands. Yet, despite their knowledge, because it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore it, many human beings turn into immutable marble statues when the time comes to talk about the environment or change their behavior.

But why then?

Because encapsulated coffee is better than others?

Because in winter it's more comfortable to run your car 30 minutes before getting in?

Because non-reusable water bottles don't need to be washed?

Because recycling takes too much water to clean the containers (yes, I've heard it often!)?

Because plastic is practical (what a great rhyme, isn't it?)?

Because using plastic utensils and plates is faster?


Who is pushing towards this use? Government, businesses and traders? But no, I have a little news for you. It's us. The citizens of this world... We who choose behaviors that are very bad for the planet and therefore for us. We are the ones buying these products... no one is forcing us to.

Marketing influence on our choices

Yes, but do companies influence us? Really ? Yes, they influence us because we want them to influence us. Point. Have you ever thought that you were giving the power to an advertisement to be stronger than your common sense? An announcement smarter than you, than your judgment? Did you know that the very foundations of marketing are to respond to consumer desire? So here, it's still in our hands. We confuse desire and need . We invent needs to meet needs for achievement, self-esteem...

Individualist movement

ecology individualist movement

But who here doesn't buy products from overseas or even here that are polluting? Today's society suffers from misplaced opportunism, hypocrisy, victimization and high-level individualism. Opportunism because many seek to pay less regardless of the impact of their purchase. Hypocrisy because many regularly say that we must act for the planet but do the opposite of what that requires. Victimization because many believe they are victims of businesses and the government. And finally, individualism because choices are often made based on personal rather than collective interests.

Let's be realistic, we need this planet, it's a question of life or death... Our oceans are emptying of fauna, flora and corals, our lands are more and more sterile and silted up, the forests are getting smaller and smaller, glaciers are melting visibly, some citizens of other countries walk around with masks because the air is too polluted and we don't talk about their waterways!

So we have a choice! Buying is voting... All our actions count... So if you decide to continue buying pre-washed and over-packaged salads to save 2 minutes in your day, try to think that your 2 minutes is expensive, very expensive to population. Also remember that the poor quality clothes you buy also have a grandiose impact today and tomorrow. May your individual choice have a collective impact now and also for future generations.

We leave you with a video that will take your breath away!

Ecologically yours,

eco loco




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