You probably have everything you need for free, eco-friendly Halloween decorations!


ecological halloween

The holidays, no matter which one, are a “gold mine” for an environmentalist like me to take to the front lines.

In today's society, it is obvious that celebration rhymes with overconsumption and excessive spending. And who says overconsumption, says overflowing trash cans, overflowing landfill sites and our common living environment takes the brunt from a pollution point of view.

The holidays, including Halloween, in addition to being immense stress for the planet, they are often stressful for the wallet. However, the holidays are meant to bring people together: a festive moment, spending time together.

So I suggest you do this and use what you already have on hand. I put my hand to the fire that you already have quite a bit of what you need to have a scary time.

The possibilities for eco-friendly decorating are literally endless. We're not going to put them all here obviously, but we'll show you a few that might inspire you.

Free, eco-friendly and creative decorations

Glass jars

Everyone has glass jars at home. They are easily transformed for all occasions. Pinterest is full of simple and creative ideas and you can obviously adapt them according to what you have on hand.

free and eco-friendly decorations
free and eco-friendly decorations


Cardboard and paint

You can also use cardboard boxes and paint to get original results.

homemade halloween decorations

Still life

By using 'dead' nature and then returning it to decompose and return to the earth, your impact is zero. You can therefore find branches on your land or in a wooded area.

reusable decorations


Pumpkins are a food that is adaptable for the Halloween party as long as you eat them! Don't like the taste? Please find something else to decorate your living environment. Buying them locally goes without saying and to minimize the ecological impact, you can favor organic purchasing or even grow them at home.

be creative recycled and decorate

Miscellaneous objects at the end of their life

And finally, you can reuse miscellaneous items that are no longer needed for their original use. This could be, for example, pieces of wood, fences, pieces of fabric at the end of their life, etc.

ecological decorations

An overflowing trash can is completely scary and disgusting. Let's bring these characteristics back to what Halloween is all about. Looking for other relevant tips that go in the same direction: Practical tips: Eco-friendly Halloween

You've designed eco-friendly Halloween decorations, show them to us! You will certainly be a source of inspiration for others.

Ecologically yours,

eco loco


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