Terre de Sommières
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Dry stain remover: greasy stains

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To the rescue of greasy stains.

Sommières earth is an ultra-fine clay that can absorb up to 80% of its weight in water.

This earth is a wonderful dry stain remover for greasy stains (oil, butter, gasoline, makeup, etc.) and can be used on fragile surfaces (textiles, carpets, leather, marble, granite, cabinetry, tiles). , stone, concrete)

It also absorbs and neutralizes many other types of stains: urine on cushions, wine stains on tablecloths, etc.

Dry stain remover par excellence, Sommières earth is sprinkled generously on the object to be removed. Leave to act for several hours, rub if necessary, remove excess powder before vacuuming.

400 grams