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Dry shampoo

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For those early mornings that are a little more rushed

Here's a dry shampoo to apply to the hairline to remove dirt and oil residue between shampoos. It allows you to space out the washings of a few days. As soon as you apply it, your hair is soft, light, healthy and refreshed! Perfect for mornings in a hurry, camping/outdoors trips, for no poo enthusiasts etc.

This powdery formula works on all hair types and colors.

Cornstarch: Absorbs sebum from the scalp as well as impurities.

Chickpea flour: Strong capacity to absorb sebum. It cleanses the hair without drying it out and beautifies it naturally.

Marshmallow Root Powder: It detangles, sheathes and protects the hair. It also adds volume and shine.

Broccoli oil: Conditioner effect comparable to silicones. It facilitates detangling, brings softness and shine to hair.

Directions: Using a makeup brush, apply a small amount of powder to the hairline. Gently brush the hair to distribute the product over the entire scalp. The use of a round boar bristle brush or any other brush is perfect. The use of a hair dryer can be useful at the very end.

Ingredients: Corn starch, chickpea flour, marshmallow root powder, cocoa, broccoli oil, natural fragrance/essential oils

40 g.

Get your brushes ready!

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