large set - sanitary pads
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Large set: Washable sanitary pads - Organic cotton and RecycPul

Put an end to disposables!

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We like non-irritating and easy to use alternatives.

These washable sanitary pads are economical, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Set includes:

  • Duo of transport pouch
  • 2 pantiliners
  • 2 regular washable sanitary pads
  • 2 washable maxi-night sanitary pads

The waterproof surface is made of RecycPul (recycled plastic bottles) while the absorbent part is made in Montreal with dye-free organic cotton.

They close under the panties with a very thin metal snap, which prevents them from moving around, and that we don't feel at all!

To be cleansed in a washing machine and air dry.