crème musculaire naturelle

Hemp muscle cream

Immediate warming effect

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A physical relaxation assured for all the sportsmen.

In topical application, this muscle cream allows to install a state of relaxation in the muscles and to alleviate the pains thanks to its combination of arnica and essential oils especially selected for their anti-inflammatory properties. Its warming effect is felt immediately.

Instructions: Massage into the skin until the cream is absorbed.

118 mL

Ingredients: Water, arnica extract in olive oil (heterotheca inuloides flower extract olea europaea fruit oil), coconut oil (coco nucifera), hempseed oil, cetearyl olivate (natural emulsifying agent), sorbitan olivate (natural emulsifying agent), cetearyl alcohol (co-emulsifying agent), essential oil of clove (eugenia caryophyllus), essential oil of copaiba balsam (copaifera officinalis), menthol, stearic acid (natural texture agent), eucalyptus essential oil (eucalyptus globulus), lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia), wintergreen essential oil (gaultheria procumbens), rosemary essential oil (rosmarinus officinalis), Tocopherol (vitamin E), xanthan gum (natural stabilizer), Gluconolactone (natural preservative), sodium benzoate (natural preservative)