boîte trimestrielle
Eco Loco

Eco-friendly trimestrial box

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This is the hassle-free box you need for eco-responsible products that need to be repeated!

In this box, you'll find products that are easy to use and essential to everyday life. Products that have a significant impact on reducing your waste and ecological footprint.

They've all been carefully chosen to be easy to use, useful and environmentally friendly.

Among the products you'll receive are:

  • A refill of dish cake: Dish cake is an ultra-degreasing and versatile solid soap. It's great for washing up, but also for the oven, kitchen fan, hob, bath, shower and even a greasy stain on clothes.
  • 3 walnut shell scouring pads
  • 1 Swedish cloth to replace paper towels
  • A refill of plastic-free dental floss (the first shipment to have a bottle): No matter how small, floss on the market is made of single-use plastic. Like all plastics, it takes centuries to degrade in the environment. The one we've chosen for you generates no plastic, either in its container or in the floss itself, and is just as effective as others.
  • A solid soap for body and hands: With an all-natural, biodegradable composition, our soaps are gentle on the body and the environment.
  • A solid shampoo for all hair types
  • 500 grams of Bowl Cleaner
  • Miny all-purpose degreaser
  • Every trimester, you'll receive 1 or 2 eco-friendly surprise. It may or may not be in our store.

These are our absolute, easy-to-use everyday essentials. We've created these to make your life easier!

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