serviettes sanitaires réutilisables lavables

The benefits and maintenance of washable and reusable sanitary napkins (shl)

Are you perhaps still hesitant to make the jump to using washable and reusable sanitary napkins (SHL)? There are two strong arguments to convince you! The first is the composition of widely available feminine hygiene items (pad and tampon) and the second is the ease with which we can maintain them! Nothing fancy.

The composition of disposable napkins and tampons

We shopped around and didn't find any major brands of sanitary napkins and tampons that seemed to give the exact composition of the items.

But do you believe that our towels contain natural fibers such as cotton? Not really, no ! They are made of synthetic fibers (cellulose and rayon) as well as a super absorbent powder from petroleum products! So it's almost literally about having irritating plastic on one of the most sensitive parts of our body.

There is another very important aspect to know about their composition! Sanitary pads and tampons from big companies go through an extreme bleaching process most likely to make us look 'clean'. The techniques used appear to be exactly the same as those used in the paper industry.

A mixture of chlorine and dioxin ! The latter have been criticized for several decades regarding their toxicity : a recognized endocrine disruptor (interferes with hormones including those associated with reproduction), affects the immune system and is carcinogenic. Nothing less !

sanitary napkins and their toxicity

Several surveys and scientific studies, notably that of G Bonnomo gynecologist from the University of Naples, have demonstrated that women experience discomfort linked to the use of such protections. This ranges from dermatitis, irritation, burning sensations and itching. 90% of women say they feel such discomfort and 68% of them attribute this discomfort to the protections used!!!

So whether for daily use (urinary loss and leakage) or for monthly use, washable and reusable sanitary napkins are certainly the wisest choice for your own health and that of the environment. Two closely linked aspects!

Are washable and reusable sanitary napkins complicated to use?

No way ! These towels are not new. Women have used washable natural fiber sanitary napkins for centuries! They didn't have a clothes washing machine either!


washable sanitary napkins

As for the use itself, it's as simple as disposables. There are several models including inserts for panties designed primarily for the menstrual period which are entirely commendable but which require a greater investment.

There are also models of economical washable sanitary napkins that are simply placed on the panties and are held in place by a press button. Very simple! Very comfortable!

: Before washing

You have the choice of cleaning sanitary napkins immediately after use, soaking them or letting them dry completely soiled until the next wash.

A great and easy way to remove them is to soak them in baking soda and water before washing.

If you wash them as you go or soak them in cold water (changing the water once a day), the towels are less likely to remain stained.

Adding white vinegar and baking soda to the soaking water will make rinsing and washing easier.

If you don't mind the stains, the technique that requires the least effort is to let them dry completely in a place out of sight.

In all cases you will have to soak them in cold water for about 5 minutes, rub them and rinse them to remove as much of the menstrual flow as possible. It is also possible to put them (several at a time!) in the rinse cycle of your washer.

sanitary napkin maintenance


Sanitary napkins can be washed by hand or machine with a mild detergent, ideally fragrance-free and biodegradable. We avoid bleach which deteriorates waterproof membranes and fabric softener which reduces absorption of textiles.

Machine wash towels with other clothing to create friction and clean them thoroughly. After being rinsed well with cold water, there is no risk of washable sanitary napkins staining other clothes.


Simply let it dry in the open air and ideally in the sun which will help to reduce stains!

Washable and reusable sanitary napkins are ecological, economical items, good for our physical and psychological health! Are you ready to take the leap?

There's nothing like taking the first step and giving yourself time to master it! You can see different options by checking out our Bathroom section! You will find both washable panty liners and washable sanitary napkins !

Leave us a comment, an impression, a suggestion or whatever comes to mind!

Ecologically yours,


eco loco


Eco Loco

Bonjour Céline,
les serviettes sanitaires sont très facile d’utilisation pour les pertes urinaires. Il s’agit simplement de remplacer les jetables par des lavables. L’urine étant aseptique, il s’agit simplement de les mettre au lavage, de les laver à l’eau froide, sans javellisant et sans assouplissant. Dans le meilleur des mondes, on suspend pour sécher. C’est tout.
Au plaisir!


bonjour, je veux savoir si vos serviettes sanitaire peuvent servir pour perte urinaire. Merci je trouve votre produit tres genial.

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