Marseille soap rope
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Marseille Soap Schoolboy on rope.

Good old time

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Soap that lasts a long time!

A school soap that can be hung on wall-mounted soap dishes or hung in the shower, bathroom or kitchen to keep it dry between uses.

A beautiful variation of Marseille soaps!

240 grams

Green: Artisanal soap with Argan oil, ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Enriched with organic shea butter.

Rose: Rose fragrance enriched with organic shea butter suitable for all skin types.

Purple: Lavender with essential oil. Suitable for all skin types. Enriched with organic shea butter.

Gardener: Lavender, Pine-flower and Ylang-ylang. Moisturizes and softens hands attacked by cold, dry soil or recalcitrant roses.

Cook: Lemon, lemongrass and almond. Coffee grounds scrub. No smell is too strong.

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