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Box of artisanal herbal tea from here

A discovery for yourself or to offer

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Here is a nice assortment of herbal teas made from wild and Nordic plants, hand-picked in an eco-responsible way here!

This box contains 5 grams of 6 different herbal teas. Each tea has been elaborated by a traditional herbalist in order to combine good taste and medicinal properties.

They are made and bagged by hand to celebrate the passage of the seasons and nature.

For yourself and as a gift!

A total of 30 grams (about 45 cups).

La Gitane: Born from the encounter between Quebec and India. Combines the fabulous flavors of Labrador tea with the traditional spices of chai: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, Jamaican pepper and star anise. This caffeine-free tea replaces coffee in the morning and provides comfort on cold autumn days.

Wood Witch: Reminiscent of Quebec forests with its coniferous taste, it is made of balsam fir and cedar, two great allies during colds and flus or lung problems, thanks to the vitamin C they contain. 

Du Sourcier: Very floral herbal tea, with light woody notes composed of Labrador tea, perfect for relaxation, fir and yarrow, which make it an ally during colds and flus, as well as raspberry, a sweet zest, rich in vitamins and minerals.
Claire de Lune: Pleasant taste, mix of relaxing herbs with a sweet scent, it is based on lemon balm, catnip, skullcap, oats and German chamomile, it is the best friend of turbulent children, anxious and insomniacs.

Poussière de Fée: Herbal tea with a summery taste, excellent hot or cold. Blend of raspberry, great ally of women and mothers, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Nettle and mint are very nutritious, ideal for those who suffer from anemia or allergies. Perfect tea to drink to help digestion.

Chamane du Nord: A blend of wild boreal plants with a slightly sweet taste, it is composed of white immortelle, a sweet flower with a slight taste of honey. The leaves of traveler's comptonia and wild blueberry are also added to give it a slightly more pronounced and forest taste, while being an ally of the lungs and the immune system.

People with health problems, on medication, with long term illness or pregnant women should consult a health professional before using or consuming herbs. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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