cire de soya
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Soy wax

For candle making

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Offers a good adhesion to the glass and a good holding of essential oils and fatty fragrances

  1. Heat the wax to a temperature between 71.1 and 93.3°C to melt it. Do not heat the wax above 93.3°C, it will discolor. Stir the wax regularly to reduce localized heating of the wax.
  2. Adding ingredients other than fragrance and colorant
  3. Add essential oils, fragrance and candle dye if desired - Stir
  4. Once melted, allow wax to cool to 48.9-73.8°C.
  5. Pour in candles - Make sure the container is at room temperature or slightly warmer and pour in the wax making sure it is between 48.9-73.8°C).
  6. Allow the candle to cool and harden for at least 12 hours before burning.

Natural soy wax without

  • Kerosene free
  • Pesticide free
  • GMO free

Maximum recommended fragrance - 6%. Candles larger than 3.5 inches in diameter may require a double wick to ensure a complete melt. Works well with liquid or powdered dyes.

Particularly suitable for the manufacture of candles and massage candles in pots.

Ingredient : Soybean oil, hydrogenated

500 grams

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