Borax (deodorizing powder)

Neutralize undesirable odours

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The key ingredient to neutralize odors

This deodorant powder is made of 100% borax.

This alkaline salt increases the effectiveness of the laundry detergent with its basic pH, and prevents also from mold and odors.

It is used in soaking to remove body odors from clothes, to disinfect and kill fungus. It can be added to the laundry detergent for care washing.

Combined with the bleaching agent, it offers a perfect eco-friendly alternative to chlorine-based bleach. This product is not harmful for the environment, neither to humans nor the textiles as long as the precautions of use are respected.

Precautions of use :

Keep out of reach of the children.

Irritating product for the skin, the eyes and the respiratory tracts. Handle with gloves, mask and protective goggles. Do not ingest, do not inhale.

Product classified as toxic by the European regulation for the following reasons:

May impair fertility

Risk of harmful effects on the child during the pregnancy

Avoid use in the presence of children, infants and pregnant women.

Store in a closed container away from heat.

Ingredient: Borax (disodium tetraborate decahydrate)

700 grams

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