blanc de meudon
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Meudon White

Quick recipe included :)

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Blanc de Meudon, Blanc d'Espagne, Blanc de Champagne, Blanc de Troyes, Blanc de Toulouse, we are talking about the same thing.
Made of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), it is the main ingredient of limestone and chalk.
Weakly alkaline and very slightly abrasive you will appreciate it for housework and creative hobbies.

  • Polishing silverware, earthenware, ceramic plates and plastics.
  • Suitable for gilding and polishing mirrors, also for bleaching shoe fabrics.
  • Blanc de Meudon is safe to use and inexpensive.

Here is a little magic recipe to make your own clay stone:

  • 90 g of blanc de Meudon
  • 60 mL of black soap
  • 1 tablespoon of soda crystals.
Put in a wide-mouth jar, dry for 3 days in the sun or near a heat source until it becomes hard as a rock. Then use to clean, scrub and shine your surfaces. Stain remover, whitener that even preserves colors! One recipe will last you months!

500 grams

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