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White vinegar: an essential!


white vinegar

White vinegar is simply a miracle product, non-toxic, that can now be found in bulk! Following the article Alert to household products followed by that on Marseille soap , we introduce it to you!

You will find that it can be very useful and will allow you to considerably reduce the number of household cleaning products you have.

Disinfectant, softener, degreaser, deodorizer, cleaner, descaler…
It's great for cleaning every room in the house! It is a product that degrades completely and quickly, without leaving any trace in the environment. Ecological and economical, we love it!

Some people will think that vinegar has a strong and unpleasant smell.
In any case, we reassure you, its smell dissipates quickly after use and will take away unwanted odors from your home.

Types of white vinegar

All white vinegars come from the same fermentation process of plant products and produce a transparent liquid which mainly contains water. The fermentation can come from, for example, beets or cereals such as corn.

The distinction between white vinegar will be made according to their acidity, or their percentage of acetic acid. This percentage will generally vary between 5% and 14%. A white vinegar with an acidity of less than 8% can be used in food or in household cleaning. Anything above 8% should be reserved only for household chores.
The higher the acidity, the more effective the vinegar will be in maintaining your living environment.

And how do we use it?

The functions that white vinegar offers in your household cleaning are multiple. We like to think that we can use it everywhere and for everything! We present some of them to you:

white vinegar flat surfaces

For flat surfaces

A very simple basic recipe that will be used for windows, mirrors, worktops, tiles, stainless steel... Simply mix the equivalent of 2/3 hot water with 1/3 vinegar .
Once used, if there is any left, the cooled mixture can be put into a spray bottle for later use.

white vinegar to descale

To descale

White vinegar makes short work of tartar. To make the taps shine, simply soak a soft cloth in vinegar and rub. For your coffee maker and kettle, fill equal parts with water and vinegar, turn on your small appliances, then let your receptacles soak for a few hours and rinse thoroughly.

white vinegar fats

For fats

White vinegar is a great ingredient for dissolving fat! For your oven or bbq grills, cabinet or refrigerator tops... Simply use a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar, leave to soak or scrub well.

White vinegar added to the rinse container of your dishwasher or the softener container of your clothes washer will leave everything clean and will also clean your appliances.

It also works miracles in the microwave where the splashes have dried! Simply put white vinegar in a cup, bring to a gentle boil (be careful of burns!) and wipe with a cloth! Everything takes off easily.

For clothing care

Not complicated, white vinegar can be used to fix and maintain the colors of your clothes, remove stains and act as a softener! We have already written an article on Ecological Clothing Care and we refer you to it for further information.

For pipes

White vinegar can be used preventively to maintain your pipes, to remove persistent odors and for shock treatment.

Simply add baking soda to the drain first and then hot vinegar. The emulsion produced will give you a good helping hand!

the essentials for ecological maintenance

White vinegar is one of the essentials for ecological home maintenance.

To complete it well, you can simply add baking soda, soda crystals, citric acid and black soap !

We have also gathered several ingredients for a clean and healthy household below. Thus, we can have a clean and healthy living environment for us as well as for the environment.

Ecologically yours,

eco loco

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