Black soap in the home: from floor to ceiling and garden!

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multiple use black soap

Now there's a product that makes housekeeping easier than ever! There are even books on the market giving up to 1300 tips and tricks for using it! We won't go there in this little article haha! Let's just focus on using black soap to simplify your daily routine, and make it healthy for your home and the environment. Who can beat that?

But what is black soap?
Black soap is a soap that contains mainly oil (olive, coconut, shea...) and potash or soda, which are combined to make soap... black!

Black soap can be found in liquid or solid form. In all cases, it's a natural soap made exclusively from raw materials of plant origin.

By definition, black soap contains no preservatives, colorants or chemicals.


How do I use black soap?

Black soap is a multi-purpose product. Did you get the picture haha? It's an understatement to say that it can be useful for so many purposes. Here are a few examples to get you started.


For the home
Let's make it simple. You can wash everything in your home with black soap: floors, bath, furniture, carpets, glass, stainless steel, dishes, ... It's gentle, ultra-cleaning and degreasing.


black soap as a degreaser

For the garden
Black soap acts both as a weedkiller and a natural insecticide. It will help kill or scare off undesirables such as aphids and grubs.

How to use it? Simply spray black soap diluted in a little water on plants to protect them and eliminate parasites.


black soap flea control

Black soap is also effective for cleaning barbecues and garden furniture.

For pets
As we said, black soap is natural, fragrance-free and chemical-free. It contains only vegetable bases. So it can be used to wash your household pets, both cats and dogs.



black soap personal hygiene

Strangely best known as a cleaning product and aphid repellent, black soap is perfectly suited to personal hygiene for face, body and hair.

As you can see, black soap, whether liquid or solid, has a place of choice in any home. Whether it's for indoor or outdoor cleaning, pet care or personal hygiene, it's an effective, 100% natural soap! No fla fla, only good!

Ecologically yours,

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