Le savon noir à la maison : du sol au plafond en passant par le jardin !

Black soap in the home: from floor to ceiling and garden!

multiple use black soap

This is a product that makes housekeeping life easier and even more! There are even books on the market that give up to 1300 tips and tricks for using it ! We won’t go through that in this little article haha! Let's rely solely on the use of black soap in a simplified daily life, healthy for the household and for the environment. Who says better ?

But what is black soap?

Black soap is a soap which mainly contains oil (olive, coconut, shea, etc.) and potash or soda which are put together to make… black soap!

Black soap can be found in liquid or solid form . In all cases, it is a natural soap composed only of raw materials of plant origin.

Black soap is by definition preservative-free, coloring-free and chemical-free.

How to use black soap?

Black soap is a multi-multi-multi-use product. Did you understand haha? It’s an understatement to say that it can be practical for many uses. We give you some examples to start using it.

For the House

We're going to make this simple. You can wash everything in your house with black soap: floors, bathrooms, furniture, carpets, windows, stainless steel, dishes, etc. It is gentle, ultra-cleaning and degreasing. .


black soap as a degreaser

For the garden

Black soap acts as both a weedkiller and a natural insecticide. It will help kill or repel undesirables such as aphids and grubs.

How to do ? Simply spray black soap diluted in a little water on the plants to protect them and eliminate parasites.


black soap flea control

Black soap is also effective for cleaning the barbecue and your garden furniture.

For animals

As we said, black soap is natural, fragrance-free and chemical-free. It only contains vegetable bases. It can therefore be used to wash the little companions, cats and dogs, in the household.


black soap bar body care

Strangely better known as a cleaning product and to chase away aphids, black soap is completely suitable for personal hygiene for the face, body and hair.

So, you will have understood that black soap, finds a special place in a home. Whether for indoor and outdoor housekeeping, for pet hygiene or for our hygiene, it is an effective and 100% natural soap! No frills, only good stuff!

Ecologically yours,


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