emballage alimentaire vegan
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VEGAN food packaging

No more plastic wrap

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Whether for wrapping vegetables, crackers or for covering (cold) bowls or plates; washable, reusable and vegan food wrappers are ideal to replace plastic wrap.

They also allow you to freeze food for up to 30 days.

Easy to use: Simply warm your hands to make it stick.

Easy to clean: A cold soapy water and it's done.

Composition: Organic cotton and ecological dye, organic jojoba oil, conifer resin, organic cinnamon and organic cloves.

Includes 3 packages: 1 small (7''x8''), 1 medium (10''x11'') and 1 large (12''x14'').

Pssttt Even if you don't intend to, don't put meat in it!

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