Savon détachant - Huile de coco bio||Stain remover soap - Organic coconut oil
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Stain remover soap - Organic coconut oil

Remove the stubborn ones!

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This soap with great stain removing power removes stubborn stains such as wine, blood, blueberries, grass, soil, etc...

A country soap made from organic coconut oil is entirely plant-based and is very useful for removing stubborn stains. To use without restriction everywhere in the house!

It is not abrasive

Can also be used for delicate hand wash laundry

Can be used as an all-purpose soap for washing dishes while camping.

Can be used for regular housekeeping

For unrestricted use anywhere in the house!

Directives: On fresh stains, wet the stain with warm water and rub with soap, then send to the regular cycle. On baked-on stains: Wet the stain with warm water and rub with soap, soak in warm soapy water (a few hours to a day, depending on the stain).

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide.

200 grams

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