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Bath salts collection

Breath and relax

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Add the salts to your water for a luxurious bath surrounded by real plants.

A beautiful blend of epsom salt, real plants and flower petals, and essential oils. Excellent for relaxing.

This set offers 4 large vials of different bath salts. Each tube contains flower petals to create a botanical bath.

An Earl Grey style bath, the bergamot is a citrus fragrance with spicy and herbal notes.
Eucalyptus & Lime salt is a breath of fresh air. The camphor and minty notes of eucalyptus are balanced by the lightness of fresh lime. Breathe and relax!
Jardin de Fleurs salts are scented with a house blend of essential oils giving a burst of summer garden fragrance with subtle notes of damp earth and grass.
Lavender has a fresh, grassy scent, straight out of a flower garden! A very soothing and relaxing scent.

4 x 75 g

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