Bougie coulée à la main - végane||Natural handmade candle - Vegan

Natural handmade candle - Vegan

100% natural

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A natural and handmade candle!

A candle respectful to the human being and to the environment that smells like the sky!

Free from petroleum substances, pesticides, herbicides, toxic and genetically modified components.

Made with phthalate-free (toxic) fragrance oils.

Does not stain.

Lasts twice longer than any conventional candles (low heat)

Does not produce black smoke.

Vegan and cruelty-free

212 g for about 50-hour use

Eucalyptus: The most popular of all candles! It is loved in all seasons! Excellent for relaxation, you will feel being in a Spa! A must for the bath!

Pink Grapefruit: Its fruity and tangy scents will make you salivate! It will perfectly perfume your kitchen or any other room of the house! Perfect in all seasons, you will love its fragrance!

Rose petals: Very delicate floral, timeless and feminine. Its rich, soft and reassuring notes immediately evoke the beauty and majesty of the flower.

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