Created in 2007, Respecterre is committed to "Carrying the Future" by offering solutions to the various problems and challenges that consist in dressing in an eco-responsible manner. The company is part of the Ecological City, the most important ecovillage in Canada.

For Respecterre, "Wearing the Future" is more than just a motto. It is an all encompassing concept that goes far beyond the issue of clothing and the notion of responsible consumption. The Ecological City is the embodiment of a lifestyle where responsibility touches every aspect of our being.

Respecterre takes care of all the steps involved in the creation, pattern making, grading, sizing, assembly, packaging and sale of its clothing. Each garment is made from ecological fabrics, which are generally woven in Quebec. The main fabrics used are bamboo rayon, hemp, linen and eucalyptus (Lyocell). The clothes are dyed with products and according to a process that is safe for health and the environment.

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