FIG is first and foremost a Montreal brand. Most of the clothing is made in Canada, more specifically in Quebec and Ontario. Internationally, they choose to work with manufacturers who share their values and respect their quality standards.

FIG's mission is to be the ultimate solution for the active and modern traveler in terms of stylish, comfortable and responsible clothing.

They consider that the values associated with travel, such as open-mindedness, authenticity, respect for people and the planet, are at the heart of their decisions and a great source of inspiration.

The protection of the environment is also a value that is close to their hearts. Their ecological commitment pushes them to choose eco-responsible fibers. For many of their models, the production processes are low environmental impact. These are the clothes that we have chosen for you.

To counter the fast fashion phenomenon, FIG chooses to put quality and durability first. Timeless and versatile, their clothes are made to last and be worn for a long time.

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