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Used for centuries!

Clays have been used for centuries for skin and hair care. Each clay has its own beneficial properties depending on the type of hair or skin.

White clay (Kaolin): Strengthening. White clay (kaolin) is ideal for dry and delicate skin and hair because of its mineralizing properties. A simple hair mask of this clay nourishes and revitalizes dry and dull hair and skin. All skin types, even very sensitive.

Pink clay: Softening, it acts effectively on irritated skin and nourishes them in depth. It also has all the properties of white clay.

Montmorillonite green clay: Absorbent, by its ability to absorb excess sebum and regulate its production, Montmorillonite green clay is mainly intended for oily skin and hair. A green clay mask on acne-prone skin or an oily scalp will have a drying action. It is effective in eliminating pimples.

Ghassoul or Rhassoul: Washing Clay for its great cleaning power. It is softening, hydrating and it clears up the complexion. It has a great power absorbing the skin of its impurities and restores brightness and suppleness to the epidermis. Suitable for all types of skin and hair, will be greatly appreciated for dry and sensitive skin or dry and brittle hair.

Clays can be used as a mask (2 parts for one part of water), in dry shampoo, shampoo bars, soaps ...

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